In an evil, evil land called King County of Seattle if you are deaf and neurotraumatized from torture and sadism they reserve the right to rape you if you live in Section 8 because you don't have AIDS.  The brains behind this doesn't either.  She is profoundly rich and powerful.  Her fetish is victim-on-victim chicken fights and wound compare pursuing agreement from victims themselves that AIDS was necessary; that there isn't enough, that overpopulation inevitably leads to slavery.  After enough monstrous cruelty you too will be glad to see an answer.  Hitler, in fact, like Reagan himself, were men of love.
     If I expected this immolation crime to end when I left Pittsburgh in tears ten years ago, I was deluded.  Since then a rapist pig named The Obamas has poisoned my heart and stomach, surrounded my family with intent to kill, sexually trafficked my loved one and liberated the assassins who mutilated me for profiteer, churning the neuroplasm in my face, exploiting me to the death while isolating me in terrible emotional agony, so bad that I wake up doubled over in pain, threatening me with further reprisals, waking me up to a neurosonar threat of prison.
      Here is how his calculus works:  I volunteer, move heavy chairs for a club, mop, work on our literary projects and publications, run errands:  that's a point for the Black man.  I document klan activity and witness to local crime at extreme danger to myself, I take area merchants their newspapers and write articles on the value of multiculturalism and the Civil Rights Movement, that's a point for the Black man.  In a national emergency I hitchhiked all the way from Pittsburgh to St. Louis trying to get an investigation underway.  That's a point for the Black man.  I am handicapped from torture and tormented with traumat from terroristic stalking, unfulfilled in my career goals due to violent crime, subject to assassination sadism by unaddressed hate crime of a ritual dimension spanning over forty years, my family is danger from a criminal syndicate with ties in the Federal Government, that's a point for the Black man.  My girlfriend was raped.  That's a point for the Black man.
      Final score:  The Black man five, Crary nothing and so be it.  The Black man wins.  Justice has been done.  Equity.
      No, the Black man in question doesn't have AIDS.  He hasn't been poisoned in the stomach, slashered and his girlfriend hasn't been raped.  Far from being a legitimate voice for the victims he is an advocate for those who sent me letters as a child with intent to use me this way:  the authors.
      For Tony Levin, Sean Strub is the only victim.  The fact that he has AIDS outhighernesses that he arranged to have John Lennon shot for his suicide morality play:  therefore everyone must cater to Levin's egological fixation on telling the reasons and meaning motivating those behind AIDS, for whom he is sentimental, soft-hearted and wet-petting, promoting their super-vision.
      From a practical point of view a girl named Gail Burstyn wrote the letters, sent them to me.  David Lucarelli from 20th Century Fox lived in my home, got them, gave them to Ming Na Wen.  They claimed it depicted me accurately as a possessive, jealous, date rapist.  They told Reagan who they say got mad that I cudda saved John Lennon.  Reagan called Peter Gabriel and said the letters were a good idea even though the authors tried to shoot him, so everybody should adopt the plan and the super-surveillance system Ultrahigh's capabilities should be put into practice.
      Paul McCartney and Peter Sinfield, helping Will Zell, who somehow or another knew Ming Na Wen, make sex films of me, then said I was having fun as a child and deserve to be lit on fire by Seattle Gays for not saving John Lennon.  This psycho situation is now said to be worth big money in Hollywood and they want my papers, they want them and they're going to get them one way or another.  That is why they slashered Shannon Harps (with the blessing of King County Sheriff) outside Sound Mental Health, a tribal sacrifice.  They even called this paramilitary use of Amnesty International by Peter Gabriel's Gurdjieff Death Squad strategic non-violence because to be rippered by a shasher is not notnot better than AIDS.  All is in balance.  Equity.
      When I said that Reagan didn't know and would be vindicated I was speaking for everyone who didn't know what he had done and will forever lack the courage to question.  It was used by outlaws in the government led by Hillary Clinton and Tom Harkin to ban and punish the right to question.  Harkin raped children and terrorized our family, demanding I lie or be burned alive.  The murderers home invadered and now are turning my Section 8 home computer, a place of refuge, into an interface and interrogation box by cyber-stalking intimidation at the mercy of known organized assassins.
       To fulfill what the rapist Obama wants fulfilled certain obvious facts have to be circumvented.  Lewis Lapham, raping a young poet of his life, thought it was a good investment in a psychotic political movie that could advance his libellous ideas, so he made up a play and a bounty challenge was issued to flesh predators in the margins of hate crime and atrocity:  prove James Crary had fun for even one moment of his hideous, slavelike, neurocoma traumatized littlehood and lure him by Facebook to exhibit the dream that he wished he'd had a life in his 30's and 40's instead of being raped and humiliated and forced to endlessly answer lies while being poisoned in the heart and you can take his property when it's over.  His law is Ayn Rand.  If you are shot in the back you should be punished for not being able to walk.  These are his rules.  If you laughed when not being subject to slaughtering blows to ease tension building up towards another fusillade that means you had fun and were sharing brain cells with child mutilationists.  If the only person around to talk to brings you a bite to eat after poisoning your stomach it means you forgive and love her sacred holy pigness because you do not slap her face out of personal pride.
       It was even in the writing of Richard McGarvey, circulated among professionals, about putting the persona in a gaseous paint chamber.  I was 13 years old.  Crying and crying.  As though that wouldn't affect my judgement afterwards, make me frightened, obedience, traumatized.  I showed you the Japanese film clip from one of their Hollywood private army, made to lampoon how I cried and you laughed.  Being gassed is better than having AIDS, you leered.  Then you lied both to and about me to incite hate crimes and drive me to slave labors.  You ignored the language:  "Gaseous paint chamber."  You called it art.  You leered that I owed you an apology and when I finally travelled thousands of miles with terrible, frightening, undiagnosed, poison crime diarrhea, you refused to accept it.  You are evicting me from my home for the umpteenth time, in tears of abomination, again, to rob me.  For nothing will you stop.  It is the principle of a glamor detestible, an insect man who is loathed because he looks like a potato blight Irish.  I am incapable of social potential due to brain damage and deafness, so I am a utility function for the truly depraved, an object of vivisection for AIDS ridden parasites.
       Pornography is a major therapeutic consideration based on the assumption of voluntary adult manufacture.  Nothing that Levin and Strub have implied adds up to the idea that what the Ghosts of HitlerReagan were doing registered on me as a child in any way knowingly or of me being capable of fathoming such an obscene and hugely admired orchestration by an unspeakably large, pre-existing army of cowardly, cowardly huns, much less unarmed and in my towel closet crying with suffering from depradators who waited for me outside of school to kidnap and torture me, and their pile on Black marauders, stalking me now, as I continue to scream with suffering and fear, do anything effective to stop what Bryn Mawr was planning.  Yet even without understanding, I did more to get help than you.  I thought I was the only victim, sought help when I began to suspect otherwise and investigated.  All you did was sabotague, destroy, cheat and confiscate.  I was a child being misused sadistically, you are a gangster looking on to write fictims convenient to your ego and deceit. 
        Pittsburgh and Seattle were in on it and worked together killing Lennon in an act of filthy depravity.  So were the two remaining shits of the Beatles.  It's clear they criminally insane.  I suspect my father made fun of them to their faces when he saw them at an underground club before their fame.  So they targetted me, because I made some library and courtesy references in my papers for school to Buckminster Fuller, Franz Fanon, John Dewey and a handful of other liberal thinkers who have stated that there are reasons for hope in America besides our auto-industry and potential for ending hunger and poverty.  For that I was to be cruelly abused.  A hideous crime of principle by the murderers at stake.
        The murderers in King County Government planned to use AIDS as a license for crime to nazify and de-humanize.  As fulfillment of the attack on my father's book Humanizing the School, dedicated to Dr. King, they've used it for race war, hypnotized impacted brain damage to cause shudders of gasping around canines and children due to purposeful sexual extrusion hypnotically intended to call me a devil worshipper capable of date rape, dog sex and pedophilia.  They ritually assassinated my embryos with home invading attack prostitutes misleading me to depict me as The Walrus. 
        After organizing and accomplishing such a hideous mutilation crime they are robbing me again of everything I have ever done, demanding that I lie for them and confiscating my life's work under deadly, deadly ultimatum.
        You paid for this!  Enjoy your gloat!  Tune in your tax and spend mind of war game to my latest letter on slave trafficking at Sound Mental Health!  You TOO can laugh!  Hahahaha!  Laugh!  Hahahahaha at Deaf White Suck! 

        Child raping pigs unite and fight for Obama and Santorum!  KOWTOW!


Mac Crary
deaf resident
315 Maynard Ave. S. #103
Seattle, WA
TTY only 206-621-1219